With a professional array of creative publishers, broadcast crews and budding news presenters at the ready, it’s no wonder so many brands and businesses on the Gold Coast are seeking to have their story shared through the media.

Gone are the days when customer loyalty alone determined your success and survival.

It’s more important than ever now for brands to be seen, heard and remembered.

Thankfully, Gold Coasters can rest easy. Not only are we famous for our sun, glorious beachfront esplanade and majestic hinterlands, we are lucky enough to have some of Australia’s best and brightest storytellers call the Burleigh-Broadbeach commute home.

Best of all, the media landscape is only going from strength to strength, as highlighted by the return of Channel 7’s evening news hour (welcome home Rod Young!).

For the dreamers and believers on the Gold Coast seeking to have their story told, the engagement of effective public relations can help, cutting through the clutter and giving your brand a distinct advantage over your competitor.

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